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CooCoo WhatsApp is one of dozens of modified applications specifically for Whatsapp users. This type of application usually has several advantages ranging from adding more interesting features and also having anti-blocking capabilities.

This app is easy to find out there but in APK form. This means that you will not get it on the Playstore because this application has violated the rules. Moreover, using several systems on standard WhatsApp to create their application.

If you are interested in using the modified CooCoo WhatsApp application which has a myriad of features. It’s good to listen to the reviews below carefully. In addition, also pay attention to some tips to avoid errors when downloading.

CooCoo WhatsApp Review

Until now there are about dozens of modified WhatsApp applications that have been released for free use. Many people replace their original WhatsApp with this modified CooCoo WhatsApp in the hope of getting complete features.

If you use this type of CooCoo WhatsApp, there will most likely be no problems at all. The app is so well made that there is no chance of experiencing issues like bugs. You can even use it for a business account.

However, there are several things that must be done if you want to take advantage of this modified application. One of them is security issues ranging from security when installing to security when sending messages.

That’s why before using this application it never hurts to read various types of outward appearances. In addition, you also have to prepare a cellphone with good enough specifications, at least it already has about 2 GB of RAM.

The rest there is nothing to prepare because this application already has good quality. Even the update process is still being carried out so you will not use the application for too long.

Main Features of CooCoo WhatsApp

The features offered are quite diverse and all of them can be maximized for various needs. If you want to make good use of this application, first consider some of the features below.

1. Send Automatic Or Scheduled Messages

The first feature of this application is that it can send messages automatically to other people. This ability is perfect to do when you are managing a business account so you need a machine to answer automatically.

So when there is an incoming message at certain hours, it will usually be automatically replied to. With this ability the message can be set with various things so that the person who sent the message will get a response and not be disappointed.

In addition, this application can also be used to send messages on a scheduled basis. This means that messages that will be sent can be adjusted according to the schedule. So you don’t have to wait at certain hours to reply or to send a message.

2. Send Large Documents

If you use CooCoo WhatsApp with this type of modification, you can send documents of a size large enough. Usually there will be a limit given so that you cannot send documents that are large in size.

The various types of documents that can be sent are quite varied, ranging from documents in PDF form to in the form of applications that are put in a zip compress. So the shipping process can run faster and easier.

The most important thing when you want to send a large document or any document is to provide encryption or a password. So even if later the document was leaked to others, they still couldn’t open it.

3. No Limits On Images And Videos

In addition to documents that can be sent in large enough sizes, you can also send images or videos that are also large in size. In addition, the data will not undergo a compression or size reduction process automatically.

Normally when sending a picture the person who will receive it will do the creation process first. The image that is later received will have a smaller size and even the resolution can be so low that the image becomes broken.

When using the modified CooCoo WhatsApp application. There will be no such thing so that both images and videos that are later received by others still have the same resolution and the file size is still maintained as the original.

4. Unlimited Customization

When using this type of application, customization can be done without any limitations at all. This means you can easily change anything from background elements to make changes to fonts.

You can change the theme yourself in the application according to your needs. So you can prepare various types of data such as images or short videos that can later be entered to create a theme.

If you feel you don’t have time to do that. It is recommended to download some of the themes that are already available there. There are so many themes that are used and can be used for various needs.

5. Download Status And Send Long Status

In status you can do two things. The first is that you can do the download process easily because the button is already available there. So you can directly download images or videos shared by other people.

In addition, you can also create statuses in the form of videos of longer duration. Normally when creating a status there will be a limit of about 15 seconds for one slide. If with this application it can be longer up to several minutes.

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